as pinturas polaroid fazem parte do meu trabalho. Participo da cultura brasileira de reciclagem. fotos antigas são a base de novas pinturas. reinterpretado. reinventado. emoldurado com moldura antiga.

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STF 15

75 years celebrity of the fürstenfest
150 years ago ferdinand nigg was born
and 2015 was the year of culture in liechtenstein

therefore i wanted to illustrate the development of the culture in this little country.
seperate the building of the gouvernment in two pieces. one with the origin architecture of 1903 and the other side with an proposal how it could be build or renovated these days. 1903 was also the year when the first car was bought in liechtenstein. that was the other idea. to spread some paintings – also seperated in two halfs. today vs or with the begining of some cultural topics of our country. like food (rebel/kepap) society (the right to vote for woman/kulturministerin) different artist (nigg/frommelt) or from 1 to 28 747 cars last year.

date: august 2015
client: liechtenstein marketing
location: vaduz

pictures STF 9-14 © Liechtenstein Marketing, Foto: Sandra Maier

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Stil Architektur Und
an attempt to open a very small gallery in liechtenstein.

it should grow slowly and became a good reputation.
sth between bartha in basel and sirkus(RIP) in reykjavik.
atelier, gallery and starting point.

first step:

s 3 – s 10 where pictures found on the internet and i dont have any rights on them. research.


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Arbeitstisch – oder die Sauerei

the organisation schichtwechsel invited some artist to jump into a work with an unknown end. i went there with a little piece of styropor….

gewächshaus fukseriweg, schaan

pictures AT 0, AT 3 and 4 by laura hilti

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a work for the weinbauverein schaan and a dedication to rachel whiteread.

exhibition: slandsweibels, schaan
2014 – 10 years weinbauverein schaan

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b side

one picture each project. sketches, ideas and office work. ohho (oliver brandenberger) and oma (martin erhart) are not designed by me. in either case i was the project manager. the rm stele was designed by me at 0815 architekten. the other projects arent realised or shown. except the roof terrace, face to face with the fürscht.

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in search of inspiration we are rarely hit by a work of art. stronger than expected. we need to calm down, to create afterwards sth that comes close to that masterpiece. this exhibition is a dedication to different authors.

kulturrestaurant parterre, basel 2012

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architecture and art in public space. competitions of the last 50 years in liechtenstein. a assessment to the tool and a platform for different discussions. organised by LIA, curated and designed by ralph büchel.

client: LIA
date: 02.09-19.10.2014
location: kunstraum engländerbau vaduz

together with frank brunhart, cornelia wieczorek, the lia and kunstraum team.

photos LIA 4,5,6 and 7 by barbara bühler

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the paintings are the product of a very personal process. my fascination with travelling, human beings, architecture and photography are the reason to conserve those perceived atmospheres.
to enhance the meaning of the moment and to develop an own technique, i overdraw the pictures by hand using the computer. the result is a contribution which can be classified between photography and painting.

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