STF 15

75 years celebrity of the fürstenfest
150 years ago ferdinand nigg was born
and 2015 was the year of culture in liechtenstein

therefore i wanted to illustrate the development of the culture in this little country.
seperate the building of the gouvernment in two pieces. one with the origin architecture of 1903 and the other side with an proposal how it could be build or renovated these days. 1903 was also the year when the first car was bought in liechtenstein. that was the other idea. to spread some paintings – also seperated in two halfs. today vs or with the begining of some cultural topics of our country. like food (rebel/kepap) society (the right to vote for woman/kulturministerin) different artist (nigg/frommelt) or from 1 to 28 747 cars last year.

date: august 2015
client: liechtenstein marketing
location: vaduz

pictures STF 9-14 © Liechtenstein Marketing, Foto: Sandra Maier